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Simply Fresh Burgers and Fries

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Chadder's "Stubby Double"

Chadder's, a small Utah-based restaurant chain, serves fresh, simply prepared burgers, fries, shakes, salads and breakfast sandwiches made with quality local ingredients. Update - this restaurant chain is now out of business.

Chad Stubbs is serious about beef. I recently talked with Chad and had lunch at Chadder's, Stubbs' namesake fast-food restaurant in American Fork. Chadder's also has locations in Provo, West Valley and Boise with three more locations coming soon, one in South Jordan and two in Idaho.

Stubbs grew up around the restaurant business, spending summers with his grandparents, who ran a small restaurant in a bowling alley in Ephraim, Utah. At Chadder's, Stubbs replicates some of his grandparents' old-fashioned cooking techniques, such as hand-peeling and cutting specially selected low-sugar Idaho potatoes for French fries, then soaking them in water before they are cooked to order. Stubbs takes pride in the Utah-grown lean ground chuck, Cache Valley cheese, vine-ripened tomatoes and hand-leafed lettuce used in Chadder's burgers.

I've eaten at Chadder's a couple of times, and their burgers are tasty, fresh and lean. In fact, I thought the beef might be a little too lean and lacking in flavor, but after eating a Chadder's burger and fries I appreciated the fact that I didn't feel like I'd just consumed a big grease ball. The single cheeseburger was just right for a moderate appetite; if you're a big eater I'd recommend the more popular "Stubby Double." Expect to pay about $8 for a burger, fries and a drink. Recently, Chadder's has expanded the menu at some locations to include salads and breakfast items.

599 W. Pacific Dr. in American Fork

2843 S. 5600 W. in West Valley City

520 N. 900 E. in Provo

535 N. Milwaukee St. in Boise

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In-n-Out rip-off that is now out of business, Member gourmay

No matter how good you are, if you try to build a business on someone else's reputation you will fail.

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