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Government & Issues

Not sure where to get a driver's license in the Salt Lake area? Want to know what your mayor and city council are up to? Don't have a clue who to vote for for county council? Here's the information you need on local government and local issues.

Utah's Sales Tax Explained
An explanation of sales tax rates in the state of Utah.

Citizen's Guide to the Utah State Legislature
The Utah State Legislature convenes every year on the third Monday in January and runs for 45 days. In addition, the governor can call special sessions as needed. The legislature consists of 29 senators and 75 representatives. This guide is designed to help you stay informed about the legislature's activities and the bills and issues you care...

How to Use Utah's Sex Offender Registry
Learn how to use Utah's Sex Offender Registry to find out if a sex offender lives in your neighborhood.

Getting a Utah Marriage License
Here's how to get a marriage license in Utah, from About.com marriage guides Sheri & Bob Stritof.

Birth and Death Certificates
Here's info on how to get birth and death certificates in Utah from About.com's genealogy expert Kimberly Powell.

Salt Lake City Municipal Government
Official website for the Salt Lake City municipal government

Salt Lake County Government
Official website for the Salt Lake County government

Utah State Government
Official website for the Utah state government

Salt Lake City's Weather
Average high and low temperatures and precipitation month by month for Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City's Weather Extremes
Extreme record temperatures, precipitation and wind events for Salt Lake City, Utah

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