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Citizen's Guide to the Utah State Legislature


The general session of the Utah State Legislature convenes on the fourth Monday each January and lasts for 45 days. For 2013, the session goes from January 28 to March 14. In addition, the governor can call special sessions as needed. The legislature consists of 29 senators and 75 representatives. This guide is designed to help you stay informed about the legislature's activities and the bills and issues you care about.

1. Find Your Legislator

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Do you know who your state senator and state representative are? Click the link above, then enter your address to find your legislative districts, then use the roster to get your senator and rep's names. Click on your legislator's name to find his or her photo, background information, e-mail address, phone numbers and sponsored legislation.

2. Get News

All of the following news organizations do a good job covering the Utah State Legislature:

  • Deseret News: One of Salt Lake City's two major daily newspapers, moderately right leaning with a "values" focus, owned by the LDS Church's media company.
  • The Salt Lake Tribune: Salt Lake's independent major daily, slightly left leaning.
  • KCPW: Salt Lake's independent NPR station has some of the best local political coverage in town.
  • City Weekly: Salt Lake's quirky, left-leaning alternative weekly covers Utah politics and culture.

3. Track Bills

The Utah State Legislatures main website lets you see the legislative schedule or track a bill's status. It includes live audio of hearings and committee meetings.

4. League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters of Utah is one of the best sources of legislative information for all voters. They have their own detailed legislative guide and provide legislative news during the session.

5. Twitter Folks to Follow

@UtahSenate (Utah Senate Twitter account)

@UtahSenateGOP (Senate Republicans)

@UTSenateDems (Senate Democrats)

@UtahReps (Utah House of Representatives Twitter account)

@utahhousedems (House Democrats)

@utahhousegop (House Republicans)

@UTLEGtracker (auto-tweets of Utah Legislative action - committee meetings, votes, etc.)

@RobertGehrke (Robert Gehrke, political reporter for the Salt Lake Tribune)

@BenWinslow (Ben Winslow, general reporter for Fox 13 Utah)


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