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Salt Lake City Municipal Elections


On Nov. 3, 2009, Salt Lake City voters will choose city council representatives for districts 1, 3 and 7, and they will also vote for or against Proposition 1, which would allow the city to issue $125 million in bonds to fund the construction of a new public safety building. Here are a few good sources of information about candidates, polling places and the proposition.

1. Salt Lake City Official Website

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This is a great place to start and contains information on all the candidates and the proposition.

2. Salt Lake City Council Website

Track council activity, read proposed ordinances or listen to recorded meetings.

4. KCPW Podcast: District 3 Debate

Podcast of a local radio debate between District 3 candidates Phil Carroll and Stan Penfold

5. KCPW Podcast: District 7 Debate

Podcast of a local radio debate between District 7 candidates Soren Simonsen and Lisa Ramsey Adams

7. Proposition 1 Information

Includes a explanation of the proposition, a list of who supports and opposes the proposition, and a link to request a tour of the current public safety building.
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