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Lifestyles & Special Interests

Information and links for special interest living in the Salt Lake area. Categories include families with children, singles, teens, seniors, ethnic and religious groups, gay and lesbian.

Summer Fun in Salt Lake City
Summer events in Salt Lake City - more than 100 ideas for making the most of summer!

Salt Lake City July Events
It's almost impossible not to to have fun in Utah during July, with two big holidays, summer concerts, sporting events and more!

Salt Lake City July 24th Pioneer Day Events
Pioneer Day, or July 24, commemorates the day Brigham Young and the Mormon pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. Here's a list of the best Pioneer Day events in the Salt Lake area.

Gardening Classes in Salt Lake City, Utah
Learn about gardening in Utah's climate with these Salt Lake City gardening classes.

Salt Lake City's Best Shopping Malls
The best shopping malls in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.

Salt Lake City's Weather
Average high and low temperatures and precipitation month by month for Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City's Weather Extremes
Extreme record temperatures, precipitation and wind events for Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City Snowfall Dates
When does the snow start falling in Salt Lake City, and when does the snow season end? Here are the average, earliest and latest dates of snowfall for Salt Lake City, Utah.

Most Popular Baby Names
What are the most popular baby names in Utah, and how do they compare to national trends?

Walking Tour - Temple Square and Surroundings
Walking/photo tour of Salt Lake City's Temple Square and its surroundings

Salt Lake Area Romantic Hotels
Get away with your sweetie to one of these romantic hotels in Salt Lake City or at nearby resorts.

Salt Lake County Mayor's Office of Diversity Affairs
The Salt Lake County Mayor's Office of Diversity Affairs provides a comprehensive list of community organizations for special interest groups including ethnic groups, people with disabilities, GLBT, women, youth and more.

Salt Lake City Churches
A list of Salt Lake City's churches, provided by the Salt Lake Tourist & Visitor Center

Utah Pride Center
Official website for the Utah Pride Center, serving Utah's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community

Salt Lake Area Cooking Classes
Cooking classes in Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding areas

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