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Readers Respond: Free Things to Do in SLC

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I'm looking for your ideas. What's your favorite free thing to do in Salt Lake City? Submit Your Idea


Sandy Museum is a wonderful historic museum with two floors of turn of the century living. Elevator is available. Open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. Free to the public.
—Guest Sherry Worthen

leonardo museum

Free days because it is expensive for people of less income
—Guest tanja gaedecken

macarena villegas

I need to know free things to do in slc i would like to know some places to where to ride horses , hiking swimimng etc. for teeneger
—Guest macarena

Gale Center South Jordan

The Gale Center is an educational and interactive museum. There is a schoolhouse, a pioneer home (with dress-ups), an old country store, and a "mine" for the kids to dig in. The website states that it is only for children 5 and up, but my 3-4 year olds have enjoyed it, as long as the docent doesn't try to take over your experience.

"50+ Fitness Program"

1 Week Free (On-going) at Central City Rec Ctr starting Feb. 27, 2012. Includes Yoga, Karate, Strength, & Cardio Classes. Call Sabina at 801-232-1728 for more info.
—Guest Sabina Wise

Millionaire Mind Evening

Free Event on March 11 coming up called the Millionaire Mind Evening... registration is required but it's free at http://salt-lake-city.millionairemindevening.com
—Guest Don

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Free Things to Do in SLC

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