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Readers Respond: Where are the Best and Worst Places to Go on a Date in the Salt Lake Area?

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Sometimes it can be hard to find creative ideas for date night. Dinner and a movie are usually fine, but there are also festivals, hiking trails, parks, mountain resorts, clubs, concerts, sporting events and a million other possibilities. The first date may lead to a lifetime of dates to come, or it may be an indicator that you're better off going your separate ways. Where in the Salt Lake area is your favorite date spot and why? How about for a first date? If you've gone somewhere on a date that was awful, tell us why you'd never go there on a date again.


My go to meal: Stoneground Restaurant, any other places in SLC open to 11 on a weeknight? I love to do the tourist at home thing and go on a tour of Temple Square, if you don't mind the nagging sisters...or if you want counter culture look up Gilgal Garden.
—Guest The Curryer

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